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Waxes Used

Palm Wax


Pillar Candles –Starburst also known as Crystalising Palm Wax.

Our Pillars are hand poured and made from natural palm wax. 100% palm oil based, natural and environmentally friendly. The product we use is sourced from certified suppliers to ensure our support for the environment.  The suppliers are part of the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and this organisation is committed to responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.  All raw materials are procured from sustainable plantations.

During solidification, palm wax forms an amazing pattern of crystal structures. It is one of the hardest natural waxes, meaning it is ideal for free-standing pillar candles, ships well in all climates and tolerates a high fragrance load to enhance your scent throw.

These candles are unique (unlike soy pillar candles) and fun to watch. The pillars burn down the centre of the candle inside down leaving a decorative outside wall that light shines through creating a lantern affect. This wall should be trimmed if it gets too thin.

For an example of this see the photo below showing the burning candle. 

Container Candles - New container Palm Wax is called Frost.  This palm was solidifies to produce a beautiful frost-like crystal structure inside your glass and is more visible through clear glass. 

With exceptional surface adhesion in glassware, this wax gives a great effect while burning.  Also a hard robust wax for shipping to minimise damage to finished products.

Palm wax will often leave some wax hang-up on the sides of the jars.  Even though this is not considered ideal with other types of waxes (eg. Soy), with Palm Wax, it provides a beautiful glow as the candle burns down and the light from the flame shimmers through the crystal patterns.

For an example of this see the photo below showing the burning candle. 



Palm wax is a vegetable wax.

The following is some benefits of using palm wax:

Environmentally Friendly;

It burns clean and efficiently with no soot;

It is non-toxic and contains no harmful petrochemicals;

The flame is bright – it maintains it’s crystalising structure on the outside whilst burning;

It holds its fragrance;

It is a harder wax that can withstand hot temperatures without melting or going soft.


Soy Wax

Pillar Candles –Ecosoya CB Advanced Soy Wax.

Container Candles –Ecosoya Advanced Container Blend Soy Wax.

All our Candles, Melts & Tea Lights are hand poured using the above products.

  • Soy wax is natural & Biodegradable
  • Burns cleaner.  It is non-toxic & lead free
  • No carcinogens are produced from burning soy wax
  • 100% vegetable, made from pure soy beans
  • Contains NO petroleum, paraffin 
  • Contains NO pesticides or herbicides
  • Contains NO genetically modified materials.