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Care - Reed Diffuser products

Directions for use:

* Remove coloured lid & stopper.

* Replace coloured lid and place reed sticks into diffuser glassware.

* First time use – after approximately 1 hour, remove reed sticks and flip around.

* Ongoing uses – remove reed sticks and flip around once a week.  When doing this please ensure you use gloves and be careful not to do this on polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces.



Do not light reeds.  Do not swallow/drink.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Also avoid leaving near heat and direct sunlight.  People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.

Use gloves when handling used reeds.

Do not place the diffuser directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces and on electric equipment, as accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials.